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Jazzercise vs. Zumba

on December 27, 2011

It is no secret that Jazzercise has an image problem.I mean, it has been around forever. Just the word ‘Jazzercise’ conjures up images of my friend’s mom in sweats and a headband, and perhaps an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt? Terry wrist brands? Yet, it seems to be doing fine. Look at this video- there are plenty of young women in this room! (check out these women shakin’ it.)

But all the current clips of actual classes I can find of it on You Tube are like the above clip- very repetitive, dated choreography and rather unimaginative. And you can’t blame any of that on the individual instructor because it is all canned choreography and music.

What am I missing? Why is this so popular?

I love dancing, so if I am missing something great I want to know!

So I am going to do a scientific analysis of Jazzercise and compare it to other fitness formats and see how it stacks up.

Some criteria we will look at:
Choreography- (hope you like jazz squares…)
Superstars- (I wish I had a video game where fitness superstars faced off against each other)
Branded Clothing- (so glad I don’t have to look at thong leotards for this category)
Music- (the only cardio class I ever walked out of was one that used Hooked on showtunes)
Business Model- (the least important, but instructive as far as the “why” goes.)

Let’s get it on!!!

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