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Only Superman owns more spandex.

Item of the Week: Lululemon Black Camo Racerback

No one does prints as well as Lululemon. Check out how fun/badass this is!


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Item of the Week: Active On Sale at Old Navy


Check out how cute Old Navy’s new Active line is! This tank is the stand out. It is a combination on Lululemon’s Unicorn Tears print and the cut is all Lucy. The result is one beautiful knock off!

The line is on sale online, but even cheaper in the store this week: online this tank is $17.50, but in store it is $10!!!! I also liked these matching capris that are $20 online and $15 in store.


Here is a link to Old Navy’s Active line.

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Item of the Week: Ryka Fitness Fashion on Sale!

Cross-trainers, as a category, seem to be completely ignored by other brands (even Nike only makes a few styles), but they are alive and well at Ryka! They are the only athletic shoes made on a women’s last (foot mold) to fit the unique shape of women’s feet. As a result, I have nothing but good things to say about my last few pairs of cross-trainers from Ryka.

I discovered them when I was doing Turbo Jam and my knees started hurting. I went online for suggestions and was told to retire my running shoes from kickboxing (and if they are not appropriate for kickboxing you KNOW they are bad news for Zumba!). Huge improvement. Lateral support- what a concept!

So I am a fan of Ryka. They have recently introduced a new fitness line, moderately priced. I have not tried any, but check out this sale- at these prices I thing I am going to have to. Some items are well over 60% off! This jacket in particular is a standout: it has lots of features (thumbholes, MP3 pocket, etc) and flattering details like the seam under the bustline, but the pictures do not help sell any of these item! No alternate views, or close ups- if these aren’t selling it is definitely because of the presentation, because these are cute! Check them out. They have 3 sections: Training Basics, Training Fashion and Zen Collection (yoga).


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Biggest Loser- New Season Starts!

Anyone else missing Jillian like crazy? Now that she’s parted ways with The Doctors maybe she’ll come back. We can always hope. Bob just isn’t the same without her.


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Item of the Week: Lululemon Knockoffs at Costco…

This week at my local Costco I spotted knockoff Lulu- ‘Groove’ pants and ‘Define’ jackets. They had 4 colors of each and the fabric felt very similar to Lululemon’s signature fabric, Luon (I had on a Stride jacket for comparison). The pants were $19.99 and the jackets were $24.99. If you are interested, I’d get there pretty quick before all that they have left are mediums and smalls (unless you are a medium or small, then take your time).

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Rockin’ Body on Sale at

Back when Shaun T. Was that “Hip Hop Abs Guy” and before Insanity was even a twinkle in his eye Shaun T. Created a program called Rockin’ Body.

Seriously, I don’t know an awful lot about this program yet but I will in 5-7 days when it gets here! I have had my eye on it for awhile so when I saw it on sale I had to bite. The original set is on sale for $19.99, and you can get the advanced upgrade (Rockin’ Results) for another $19.99 off Beachbody’s website.

The original set has 2 forty-five minute workouts, 3 half hour workouts, a 10 minute abs workout (have I mentioned how tired I am of Ab Jam yet on this blog???) and a 15 minute intro. The Rockin’ Results upgrade has 2 more forty-five minute workouts. Not bad for a grand total of 40 bucks!

I am hoping that it will just be a really fun way to get moving and enjoy myself- kinda Zumba-esque for those low motivation workout days.

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Fitness Goals 2012

I find the whole idea of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ distasteful. Nothing quite says “I’m going to set the same unachievable goals I set last year and work really hard for one week, haphazardly for the next two and then give up by week three” like a New Year’s Resolution. Not to be negative or anything.

So I like to set goals for the New Year, instead of just wishing for things like I used to.

My most successful New Year’s Goal was to use reusable shopping bags all year. I did great- mostly because it was a specific, measurable and achievable goal.

With that in mind, these are my Health and Fitness goals for 2012:

1. Reach my weight watchers goal weight.

2. Run 2 half marathons.

3. Teach group fitness!

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