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Item of the Week: Ryka Fitness Fashion on Sale!

on January 12, 2012

Cross-trainers, as a category, seem to be completely ignored by other brands (even Nike only makes a few styles), but they are alive and well at Ryka! They are the only athletic shoes made on a women’s last (foot mold) to fit the unique shape of women’s feet. As a result, I have nothing but good things to say about my last few pairs of cross-trainers from Ryka.

I discovered them when I was doing Turbo Jam and my knees started hurting. I went online for suggestions and was told to retire my running shoes from kickboxing (and if they are not appropriate for kickboxing you KNOW they are bad news for Zumba!). Huge improvement. Lateral support- what a concept!

So I am a fan of Ryka. They have recently introduced a new fitness line, moderately priced. I have not tried any, but check out this sale- at these prices I thing I am going to have to. Some items are well over 60% off! This jacket in particular is a standout: it has lots of features (thumbholes, MP3 pocket, etc) and flattering details like the seam under the bustline, but the pictures do not help sell any of these item! No alternate views, or close ups- if these aren’t selling it is definitely because of the presentation, because these are cute! Check them out. They have 3 sections: Training Basics, Training Fashion and Zen Collection (yoga).


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