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Week Two Down!


This picture allegorically describes how I felt about my workouts this week. The cowboy on the horse represents Chalene Johnson. The horse represents Turbo Fire. The bandit getting dragged through the dirt represents me.

It didn’t help that my week was thrown off by taking my day off early, or putting off my workout until way after 10 pm some (most) nights. It also didn’t help that my diet has been lousy.

On a positive note: I’ve discovered that when I hydrate all day my workouts are easier (HA! compared to what?!). I’ve also noticed a distinct increase in strength and stamina. So results are coming, I am just really looking forward to having my conditioning back!

Let’s look at this Week’s new workout:

Fire 45 Stretch 10

I now know why the EZ is in Fire 55EZ; it is slower and less intense than Fire 45. Fire 45 also has 3 Fire Drills (one finale, though) including a goofy Tina Turner one. I was kinda glad for the Tina Turner part because it allowed me to catch my breath. Because it is shorter the combos get built faster and you don’t spend quite as much time repeating the finished combo. Fine by me. I love how much more choreographically dense Turbo Fire is- it keeps my brain busy and off how tired I am. Interesting note: Chalene tells you to “get your second wind” at least 3 times in this workout. Technically, that would be your 3rd and 4th winds, also.

This Week’s successes:

Workouts : 6/6
Water (8 glasses a day) 5/7

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Turbo Fire Week 2 Day 5

Tonight was HiiT 15 & Sculpt 30. I had to re-arrange my schedule somewhat because I accidentally took my day off on Saturday instead of Sunday. (Once again it becomes clear that I need to do this in the a.m.)

It is somewhat disheartening, getting dragged through these workouts. But I do remember how good it felt to absolutely kill it doing Turbo Jam and that keeps me going. I cannot wait to feel that strong again.

There were nights this week I did not want to workout, but using my Aunt Debbie as motivation got my hinder off the couch (and even out of bed!).

I have noticed some gains since the last time I did HiiT 15 last week- I only had to pause it and catch my breath one extra time: right before the final drill.

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Turbo Fire Week 2

Tonight about halfway through Fire 45 I was done. I’m still sore from last night’s Core 20 and Stretch 40, it was hot today, and this workout is hard! I’m just getting dragged though and not having much fun. But then I though about my Aunt Debbie, my inspiration for this week, and I stuck with it and finished strong.

My Aunt Debbie passed away from breast cancer about three and a half years ago. I still miss her all the time. She was in her mid fifties- way to young, and was quick to laugh, very adventurous, always interested in whatever you wanted to tell her as a kid or adult. She was the type of person you could just sit next to and she would make you feel special and loved. I want to be that kind of woman.

After her funeral, we had a luncheon at her house and she had a calendar on the fridge with exercise classes scheduled in. It struck me that even here at the end, after the cancer had come back aggressively and they stopped chemo, improving her health was still important to her. What an example.

So this week is dedicated to Debbie. I love you and miss you.

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Week One Down!

AH. Feels good. Let’s look back on the good times, shall we?

Fire 30 Stretch 10

I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated. All you hear about is how intense it is and yeah, it is intense.

Fire 30 is faster than my old buddy, Turbo Jam, and the choreography comes at you faster- which I love, because it keeps my mind occupied and off how hard I am working. There are 3 AB blocks and a “Fire Drill” between blocks 2 & 3, block 3 being the finale.

The fire drills in this workout will be a great gauge of my fitness level throughout the next 12 weeks. I was able to complete everything in them, but not with any real intensity- I’m just getting dragged through at this point. I am really looking forward to having the conditioning to push it on these fire drills. I had to take some extra time to recover after the fire drills and some of the blocks, but not bad overall. I still enjoyed myself and was able to follow just fine.

I did Stretch 10 but I was really hoping for more yoga and more back and hamstring stretches, because I have a lot of tightness there. Perhaps some of the other Stretch classes will mix things up.

HiiT 15 Stretch 10

I heard people talk all the time about what a great workout Fat Blaster was from Turbo Jam. I’ve heard Chalene say that was the inspiration for Turbo Fire.

I’ve never gotten a killer workout from Fat Blaster. I have no idea what people are talking about. It’s not like I’m hard core or anything either. So I was a little worried when I heard of the connection. I didn’t need to worry. HiiT 15 was killer. You tun through 3 fire drills 4 times each- 1 to learn (mark) and then 3 times at intensity. I think my favorite one is the drill that ends with alternating lunges that you hop between, because the music makes me feel like some sort of killer cyborg.

Stretch 10 is the exact same workout, just on a different CD. Kinda depressed about this, because I can see myself getting really tired of this (boy, I sure was tired of Ab Jam!).

Fire 55 EZ

I’ve got NO IDEA why EZ is in the title. This thing AIN’T! It reminded me a lot of Punch, Kick and Jam (which is one of my favorites) because it is very athletic with lots of choreography. There are 2 fire drills (I was expecting 3 and I’ll admit it! I was holding back a little waiting for a third!), 2 finales and a finesse-esque section at the end. Great workout.

Core 20

There isn’t a single Turbo Fire workout I have done that I haven’t ended saying, “Holy Crap!” and this was no exception. Very different from Ab Jam, I like the use of tubing- whenever that comes out I know we are going to do something creative. You do not do any standard crunches, and even then only a few exercises that are ‘crunch-esque’.

Stretch 40

This was what I was hoping Stretch 10 would be more like- more yoga! My whole body works better when I incorporate yoga into my regimen. My knees bug me less, my kicks are higher, my soreness decreases. This workout is a taste of Powder Blue Production’s PiYo classes, a yoga and pilates hybrid- heavier on the yoga which is just dandy if you ask me.

Thinking about my motivation, my 4 year old (DSR), really helped me get off my duff this week. There were nights when I ‘did it for him’, and nights when I didn’t even think about it, I just did it. I spent some time thinking about who I am going to dedicate next week too, also, but that is another post…

This week’s success: Workouts 6/6

No caffeine 7/7

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The Sweetest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me While Working Out

My 10 month old (DSW) woke up around 11 pm for his evening meal while I was half way through Fire 30 (I’m a nursing mom). DH managed to stall him by taking him outside, rocking him in the other room, trying to buy me some, well, me time. Every now and then my little guy would protest (he was tired!) but I am really trying to take my health seriously, really make a little time to improve my health (but I still felt guilty).

So I get to the part of Stretch 10 where you sit, butterfly style, on the floor. My 10 month old crawls over and lays down with his little head on my leg, his thumb in his mouth. He just wanted to be near his Mama!

Well, that did it. After that I HAD to stop the workout, shower off and nurse him, then put him to bed and finish my workout. I was pretty cold by then, but oh! That baby was too sweet!

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The Shose!

I am a huge believer in having the right equipment for whatever you are doing. It just makes the task more enjoyable? And we are much more likely to do something we enjoy, right? Right?! And THAT is how you justify 80$ shoes for your once-a-week Zumba fix.

I was using some Capezio dance sneakers (because my cross-trainers stuck to the floor too much and it was putting too much torque on my knees). The dance sneakers, however, would have been great for carpet but were much too slippery for a gym floor; I really had to cut back on my range of motion. And their shock absorption wasn’t the best, but I’d be surprised to find a pair of dance shoes that was.

So behold! The Ryka Downbeat! Technically, it is a studio shoe, so it is made to support lateral motion and stuff like twisting and turning. The reviewers on talk a lot about Zumba in their reviews. Ryka is one of the few companies that make ‘studio’ shoes. I’m a big fan of ‘studio’ shoes, but I wish Ryka made them cuter. There is no reason they can’t! Their running shoes are plenty cute! But if you are in the market for Zumba shoes, I totally recommend Rykas.

Back to my Downbeats, they are just this garish in real life. Most of the time the bottom of my pants cover them up, but with summer coming people just might find out I own me some loud shoes. They have the perfect (PERFECT I say!) mix of stick and spin and enough cushion and heel on them that I can execute some of the more technical steps easily. They are also surprisingly light- the last pair of mid-tops I owned were hiking boots that weighed a lot more.


Ryka shoes at Zappos

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Turbo Fire Week One

Turbo Fire Week One Day One begins tomorrow!

I have heard that an effective strategy for running a marathon is to dedicate each mile to someone in your life. In that spirit each week of Turbo Fire, 12 weeks in all, I am going to dedicate to a loved one. Week One is dedicated to my 4 year old (DSR).

It is important for me to model a healthy lifestyle for him. A year ago at his 3 year check up the pediatrician told us that for his weight and height our little guy was borderline obese. Not just overweight, borderline obese. I was horrified. He certainly did not look overweight, he had a bit of a tummy on him, but that was it. The doctor explained that at 3 they should be leaning out. The entire subsequent year his health was on my mind. We made sure he had lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and got physical activity outside whenever possible. At his 4 year check up the doctor congratulated us- DSR was well within the healthy weight range! I breathed so much easier.

So I want to model for him how to be active, eat healthy, and mercilessly judge those who are not (KIDDING! Just lightening things up…).

Each week I will also have a mantra. This Week’s mantra come from James E. Faust:


Let’s get it on!

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