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Turbo Fire Week One

on May 17, 2012

Turbo Fire Week One Day One begins tomorrow!

I have heard that an effective strategy for running a marathon is to dedicate each mile to someone in your life. In that spirit each week of Turbo Fire, 12 weeks in all, I am going to dedicate to a loved one. Week One is dedicated to my 4 year old (DSR).

It is important for me to model a healthy lifestyle for him. A year ago at his 3 year check up the pediatrician told us that for his weight and height our little guy was borderline obese. Not just overweight, borderline obese. I was horrified. He certainly did not look overweight, he had a bit of a tummy on him, but that was it. The doctor explained that at 3 they should be leaning out. The entire subsequent year his health was on my mind. We made sure he had lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and got physical activity outside whenever possible. At his 4 year check up the doctor congratulated us- DSR was well within the healthy weight range! I breathed so much easier.

So I want to model for him how to be active, eat healthy, and mercilessly judge those who are not (KIDDING! Just lightening things up…).

Each week I will also have a mantra. This Week’s mantra come from James E. Faust:


Let’s get it on!

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