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The Shose!

on May 23, 2012

I am a huge believer in having the right equipment for whatever you are doing. It just makes the task more enjoyable? And we are much more likely to do something we enjoy, right? Right?! And THAT is how you justify 80$ shoes for your once-a-week Zumba fix.

I was using some Capezio dance sneakers (because my cross-trainers stuck to the floor too much and it was putting too much torque on my knees). The dance sneakers, however, would have been great for carpet but were much too slippery for a gym floor; I really had to cut back on my range of motion. And their shock absorption wasn’t the best, but I’d be surprised to find a pair of dance shoes that was.

So behold! The Ryka Downbeat! Technically, it is a studio shoe, so it is made to support lateral motion and stuff like twisting and turning. The reviewers on talk a lot about Zumba in their reviews. Ryka is one of the few companies that make ‘studio’ shoes. I’m a big fan of ‘studio’ shoes, but I wish Ryka made them cuter. There is no reason they can’t! Their running shoes are plenty cute! But if you are in the market for Zumba shoes, I totally recommend Rykas.

Back to my Downbeats, they are just this garish in real life. Most of the time the bottom of my pants cover them up, but with summer coming people just might find out I own me some loud shoes. They have the perfect (PERFECT I say!) mix of stick and spin and enough cushion and heel on them that I can execute some of the more technical steps easily. They are also surprisingly light- the last pair of mid-tops I owned were hiking boots that weighed a lot more.


Ryka shoes at Zappos

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