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Week One Down!

on May 24, 2012

AH. Feels good. Let’s look back on the good times, shall we?

Fire 30 Stretch 10

I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated. All you hear about is how intense it is and yeah, it is intense.

Fire 30 is faster than my old buddy, Turbo Jam, and the choreography comes at you faster- which I love, because it keeps my mind occupied and off how hard I am working. There are 3 AB blocks and a “Fire Drill” between blocks 2 & 3, block 3 being the finale.

The fire drills in this workout will be a great gauge of my fitness level throughout the next 12 weeks. I was able to complete everything in them, but not with any real intensity- I’m just getting dragged through at this point. I am really looking forward to having the conditioning to push it on these fire drills. I had to take some extra time to recover after the fire drills and some of the blocks, but not bad overall. I still enjoyed myself and was able to follow just fine.

I did Stretch 10 but I was really hoping for more yoga and more back and hamstring stretches, because I have a lot of tightness there. Perhaps some of the other Stretch classes will mix things up.

HiiT 15 Stretch 10

I heard people talk all the time about what a great workout Fat Blaster was from Turbo Jam. I’ve heard Chalene say that was the inspiration for Turbo Fire.

I’ve never gotten a killer workout from Fat Blaster. I have no idea what people are talking about. It’s not like I’m hard core or anything either. So I was a little worried when I heard of the connection. I didn’t need to worry. HiiT 15 was killer. You tun through 3 fire drills 4 times each- 1 to learn (mark) and then 3 times at intensity. I think my favorite one is the drill that ends with alternating lunges that you hop between, because the music makes me feel like some sort of killer cyborg.

Stretch 10 is the exact same workout, just on a different CD. Kinda depressed about this, because I can see myself getting really tired of this (boy, I sure was tired of Ab Jam!).

Fire 55 EZ

I’ve got NO IDEA why EZ is in the title. This thing AIN’T! It reminded me a lot of Punch, Kick and Jam (which is one of my favorites) because it is very athletic with lots of choreography. There are 2 fire drills (I was expecting 3 and I’ll admit it! I was holding back a little waiting for a third!), 2 finales and a finesse-esque section at the end. Great workout.

Core 20

There isn’t a single Turbo Fire workout I have done that I haven’t ended saying, “Holy Crap!” and this was no exception. Very different from Ab Jam, I like the use of tubing- whenever that comes out I know we are going to do something creative. You do not do any standard crunches, and even then only a few exercises that are ‘crunch-esque’.

Stretch 40

This was what I was hoping Stretch 10 would be more like- more yoga! My whole body works better when I incorporate yoga into my regimen. My knees bug me less, my kicks are higher, my soreness decreases. This workout is a taste of Powder Blue Production’s PiYo classes, a yoga and pilates hybrid- heavier on the yoga which is just dandy if you ask me.

Thinking about my motivation, my 4 year old (DSR), really helped me get off my duff this week. There were nights when I ‘did it for him’, and nights when I didn’t even think about it, I just did it. I spent some time thinking about who I am going to dedicate next week too, also, but that is another post…

This week’s success: Workouts 6/6

No caffeine 7/7

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