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Week Two Down!

on May 31, 2012


This picture allegorically describes how I felt about my workouts this week. The cowboy on the horse represents Chalene Johnson. The horse represents Turbo Fire. The bandit getting dragged through the dirt represents me.

It didn’t help that my week was thrown off by taking my day off early, or putting off my workout until way after 10 pm some (most) nights. It also didn’t help that my diet has been lousy.

On a positive note: I’ve discovered that when I hydrate all day my workouts are easier (HA! compared to what?!). I’ve also noticed a distinct increase in strength and stamina. So results are coming, I am just really looking forward to having my conditioning back!

Let’s look at this Week’s new workout:

Fire 45 Stretch 10

I now know why the EZ is in Fire 55EZ; it is slower and less intense than Fire 45. Fire 45 also has 3 Fire Drills (one finale, though) including a goofy Tina Turner one. I was kinda glad for the Tina Turner part because it allowed me to catch my breath. Because it is shorter the combos get built faster and you don’t spend quite as much time repeating the finished combo. Fine by me. I love how much more choreographically dense Turbo Fire is- it keeps my brain busy and off how tired I am. Interesting note: Chalene tells you to “get your second wind” at least 3 times in this workout. Technically, that would be your 3rd and 4th winds, also.

This Week’s successes:

Workouts : 6/6
Water (8 glasses a day) 5/7

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