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Turbo Fire Week 3: HiiT-1

on June 1, 2012

I went t my Zumba class this morning, which I haven’t attended since I started Turbo Fire 2 weeks ago. I absolutely crushed it. I was adding plyometrics where there originally were none. I felt so strong! Thank you, Turbo Fire! Last time I went to Zumba I totally dogged it, and now I feel great! (It might just be the shoes, however)

This week’s workouts:
Friday: Fire 45 EZ Stretch 10
Sat: HiiT 25 Stretch 10
Sun: rest
Mon: HiiT 15 Tone (I hate that word!) 30
Tues: Fire 45 EZ Stretch 10
Wed: Core 20 Stretch 40
Thurs: Fire 45 Stretch 10

This week, in addition to no caffeine and 8 glasses of water a day, I am going to journal everything I eat.

I am dedicating this week to my Mom. She called me Monday night and told me that she had found a small lump in her breast and was having surgery yesterday. Apparently, the cancer is stage one, non-invasive, so the prognosis is optimistic. She will also have six weeks radiation.

The surgery went well, but this is a huge wake up call. Being overweight puts people at higher risk for cancer, especially breast cancer. So my mom was saying that she really needs to make some lifestyle changes. I need to make some changes, too. Being 20 pounds over a healthy weight range isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous.

So this week is dedicated to my Mom. I am going to support her in her new lifestyle and build a new one of my own.

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