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The Shoese! (V.2)

on June 2, 2012


Behold! The Ryka XT 2! I purchased these when my knees began to bother me and I figured my Ryka Affirms had given out (it is so hard to tell when you only wear them indoors and they show zero wear!). They no longer made the Affirms (because I bought them WAY back in 2005), so I scoured the reviews on Zappos as far as fitness trainers went and for Turbo Fire the reviewers were pretty much split between this shoe and an Asics model. So I went with the one that looked the best. (I’m hoping these will match the forthcoming Turbo Fire apparel, if Beachbody ever releases it!)

I am really happy with this shoe. (I’d be happier if I wasn’t working out on carpet, but that is another post) They have great lateral support, and nice cushioning. I am a big fan of Rykas, in case you haven’t guessed, and I love how well the shoes cater to the activity you are doing. They have “studio” shoes for people who take a lot of fitness classes (and even subcategories there: some are more geared to dance-based classes, aqua classes, others are more for athletic-style classes), shoes for cross training, shoes for walking and shoes for running. I get beyond irritated when I go into athletic shoe stores and they only stock running shoes and one or two pairs of cross trainers, and usually fugly ones at that.

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