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Week Three Down!

on June 7, 2012

Last night I went to do Fire 45 EZ and about 20 minutes in I realized I was doing the regular Fire 45. That thing is hard! So I have a free substitution of EZ for the hard one down the line.

There were many, many times this week (like, say, SIX) where having this week dedicated to my mom got me up off my hinder. One evening I had fallen asleep on the couch, woken up around 11 pm and still got my Turbo on! Some things are getting easier (I said easiER, not easy), but I am still looking forward to the day when my conditioning is in a place where I can feel like I am driving the workout instead of getting dragged.

New workouts this week…

Fire 45 EZ
What does that say that this is my favorite workout of the bunch? The EZs are just a little slower which feels more in control. This one also had no Fire Drills, which I found myself missing. Some fun, dancy choreography, too.

Tone 30
I hate the word “tone”. It supports the erroneous idea that women ‘bulk up’ if they lift weights. It is a word invented by women’s magazines. I have been dreading this workout because I didn’t want to hear about how I was ‘toning’ or doing anything of the sort. I, a strong modern woman, lift weights. I don’t ‘tone’. So I was thrilled that Chalene never uses the word ‘tone’. The only time it is used is in the main menu on DVD. The workout, itself, is everything I’ve come to expect from Chalene and her approach to strength training: it is creative, challenging, and you are going to be sore in various and sundry places the following day.

My mom got good news today, the cancer was not found in her lymph nodes, nor in any of the surrounding tissues. She still has 6 weeks of radiation, but this is the best news she could have received!

Other successes this week:
Workouts: 6/6
No Caffeine: 7/7
8 Glasses of Water: 5/6
Journal Everything: not so much

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