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Month 1 is Down! Long Live Month 2!

on June 15, 2012

Man, that first month was tough! It wasn’t until the second to the last workout of week 4 that I could get through the whole thing without taking a breather, but, hey!! The important thing is that I got to that point! I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I am also feeling much more in control, less being dragged through a workout. AT LAST.

I also weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning and I was down 3.6 pounds for the week! Holy Cow! That brings me to -6.2 for 4 weeks of Turbo Fire! I’m happy- especially since I haven’t been eating all that well.

This week begins Month 2- Cardio. This week’s workouts:

Friday- Fire 55 EZ
Saturday- Fire 30 Sculpt 30
Sunday- Rest
Monday- Fire 30 Tone 30
Tuesday- Fire 55 EZ
Wednesday- Fire 45
Thursday- Core 20 Stretch 40

This week I am going to dedicate to my sisters- two awesome, capable, intelligent, beautiful women who inspire me to be better.

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