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Turbo Crafts You Make Me Feel…

on June 21, 2012

Tired of keeping all your Turbo Fire paraphernalia in the box it came in? I sure was. So I got mad crafty! I took the Turn Up The Burn guide book, Inferno plan and Fuel the Fire to Kinko’s FedEx Office and had them 3-ring punched. Then I bought a nifty red binder from Office Depot. Then I downloaded copies of the schedule from Lastly, I picked up some reward stickers which can be found wherever fine stickers are sold.

I shouldn’t have had them punch holes in the cover of the Turn Up The Burn guide because I ended up using it as the cover of my binder. Live and learn.


Here’s the schedule for month 2, and look! I’m doing so well! Look at all those stickers!


FedEx Office sliced off the binding, too, I should mention. I hardly lost anything and it is so nice having it all together. Turn Up The Burn…


The Inferno plan…


Fuel The Fire…


And the back pocket makes a nice catch all.


I use the outside back pocket to keep the schedule that came with the set in, so I have my workout for the day at a glance.


I am also considering getting some 3 hole punched CD sleeves to keep my CDs in the binder, too. I may wait until the paper case gets trashed, though.

Edited 8/25:
I noticed that the stupid cardboard case has been scratching up my CDs! I am definitely going to be transferring them to plastic sleeves in my binder.

Further, I had another idea: you could keep binders on each program you finish! One for Turbo Fire, one for Insanity, etc.

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