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5 Weeks Down!

on June 23, 2012

Last week was really tough. Even though the workouts are getting (slightly!) easier, I was just dead this week. I don’t think I am getting enough sleep for how much punishment my body is taking. Part of this is late-night workouts and an 11 month old who still wakes up every 4 hours and a working mom who doesn’t see him enough during the day so she still gets up to feed him at a detriment to her health. I even had one night where I just. couldn’t. do. it. But on the nights I could, I pushed (dragged?) myself to new heights and really gained an appreciation for my favorite Turbo Fire workout. That’s right, I’m talking about Stretch 40.

Once I figured out how many Sun Salutations you do at the start (2 slow, 4 with intensity) they became enjoyable instead of endless. Once I defined how many warrior sequences you do immediately following (2 slow, 2 with intensity) it also became manageable. And the Final Relaxation at the end- heaven!

Fire 45 is still kicking my trash. It’s like Chalene says at the end- “This is not an easy workout”. She also says “Know how blessed you are to be able to workout this hard!” I agree. It is a blessing to have a body that can keep up with something this challenging.

Tone and Sculpt 30 are both perfect length, and surprisingly effective. Turbo Jam’s 45 minute Turbo Sculpt just seemed to go on and on and on. I am thinking about substituting Booty Sculpt + Abs down the road for when I really get tired of Tone or Sculpt 30.

I almost at the half way point and I am wondering if I am going to be ready for the Advanced DVDs in a month and a half.

This week I am dedicating to my Father. He was an athlete in High School/ College, but has developed a lot of unhealthy habits (tons of soda + sedentary lifestyle). Thing is, he could drop it like nothing. We did a ‘Biggest Loser’ as a family a few years ago and he and my mom were a team. He won even though my mom lost no weight! My dad is also resistant to external motivation, so the best I can hope for is to be a good example. So, Dad, please take care of yourself. I love you.

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