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Pick It Back Up and Start It All Over Again!

on September 2, 2012

So I start the Turbo Fire rotation tomorrow. Again.

I made it through 6 weeks, then I went on vacation and just… stopped. I’m really disappointed with myself. It has been since the end of June. I had made a lot of ground, especially in terms of conditioning, and I am basically going to start from scratch.

But this is a new opportunity. I have learned something from my last attempt.

1. You have to make it fit into your life. I was working out late at night and it felt like I never had any down time- I just came home from work (9pm), worked out, and went to bed. If this is going to work I am going to have to get up and do it first thing in the am.

2. Taking the marathon approach- dedicating a week to special people- was an effective motivator for me. I am going to do that again this round.

3. Give yourself the rewards you have promised yourself. I justified NOT rewarding myself because my ‘eating was bad’, or ‘I didn’t drink enough water’ or whatever.

4. All or Nothing behavior and thought is crippling! I need to have a plan for when things don’t go according to plan. What is my ‘Plan B’? My ‘Good Enough’?

5. I’ve got to keep a food journal to keep my eating in line. Nutrition is 80% of the equation: I don’t want to toss all my hard work.

That’s it! Now I’ve got to lay out my clothes for tomorrow. I’ll see you in the am!

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