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Week One, Day 6

on September 9, 2012

I hate to say it, but here it is, week 1, and I’ve already missed a day. Last night just got away from me (curse you, Internet!). I was even all dressed, ready to go, and… Yeah.

So, in anticipation of next week when I’ll be on the road for work, I decided to square up this week and double up in order to get all the workouts in. So I did Fire 55 EZ tonight with Core 20 (from Sunday’s workout) and tomorrow I’ll do Fire 30 and Stretch 40 to be all caught up.

Looking ahead to next week a couple of key things need to happen: Monday’s workout needs to go down without a hitch, and Tuesday’s needs to happen in the am before I get on the plane (so I gotta get up early!). Then, Wed-Fri I need to squeeze three in at the hotel (bringing a little DVD player) so I have Sat as my day off (long travel day- getting in late late late).

So far, it has not been like completely starting from scratch- some conditioning remains, not much but some, from my last attempt back in June.

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