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Book Review: Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit by Drew Manning

on September 20, 2012

As a bookstore manager I see a lot of fitness books come into my store. When I saw this one I was immediately intrigued- what the heck? This guy purposefully gains 75 pounds to prove a point? The concept of the book was born out of frustration on Manning’s part- a personal trainer who had never battled his weight, who always made good food choices and couldn’t understand why other people couldn’t make those same great choices.

His trip to “Fat” is full of Mountain Dew and Captain Crunch. In 6 months he gained 75 pounds. He talks about the shame he felt, the sadness and frustration, understanding that people judge based on the outside all to frequently and the snap conclusions they make about overweight people are very damaging. His 6 month trip back to “Fit” is likewise insightful as he talks about things he never “got” before, like how it feels to walk into a gym with a far-less-than-perfect-physique, how hard it is to give up the food that gave you so much comfort (his beloved Mountain Dew) and most importantly, the need of a strong social support group to encourage you on.

There is also a very candid chapter from his wife about her perspective on his journey. Very candid.

The last third of the book is exercises and diet plans, oops, I mean lifestyle plans (because no one calls it a “diet” anymore, now everyone calls it a “lifestyle change”), but those aren’t very unique to this book. There were a lot of protein shake recipes, however, so of you are looking for more of those read all the way to the end of the book.

I thought the book was inspirational, some parts seemed a little repetitive and slow, and the big breakthrough (“people need people who understand!”) seems kind of like a “duh”. But it was entertaining and there is a “hey if he did it so can I” factor that is infectious.

Here is his Spinach Shake recipe that he raves and raves about in his book:

1 scoop of Protein2Fit Vanilla Whey Protein
3 cups spinach
½ banana
2 Tbsp of natural peanut butter
2/3 cup of unsweetened almond milk
approximately 3 handfuls of ice

Reported from his website:

BTW- I borrowed this book from work and received no remuneration for my review. Nothing. Not a drop.

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