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Item of the Week: Exersion M3 Shirred Woven Pant

on September 27, 2012

I’ve really, really, really got to hand it to JC Penny. A lot of people have tried really hard to emulate Lululemon’s designs, but JC Penny’s Exersion line does it well. I know, the quality isn’t the same, but if you just can’t justify $50 for a tank top and $98 for a pant, these would do great.

Behold! The M3 Shirred Pant.

Looks just like Lululemon’s Unlined Studio Pant. Made from a nice, stretchy, woven fabric. Makes your legs look super long. I ad to but it tonight. I might even go back for a second pair in grey.
Here’s two tanks I saw in the store tonight:


Again, both of these are cute Lulu styles but these Xersion versions clock in at about $20.
Yeah, knock offs are nothing new, but the Groove Pant knock offs have been done to death. It is nice to see a retailer getting, ahem, inspired by great design. And, in fairness, they do have some cute designs that look original to me, also (there is also some questionable stuff, too).

Take a look for yourself.

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