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Enjoy Going to the Gym With This One Weird Trick

It is 2014. Why am I still having the same experience in the gym I had 20 years ago? I don’t have anything else from 20 years ago!

(in all actuality, the reason I am having the same experience is because I pay 10$ a month for my membership)

BUT this is the experience I’d like to have when I go to the gym:

I’d like to select my goals by computer when I start a workout program. Endurance training, build muscle, work on certain muscle groups, rehabilitation, weight loss- there would be infinitely customizable program options depending on your goals.

Then, each time you went to the gym you would have your program, perhaps on your smart phone. You would swipe your card at a cardio machine and the machine would pull up your workout and set the time, duration and intensity based on your goals and how you are progressing along your program. For instance, if you are training for an endurance event, some days would be short and fast, others long and steady, it could even give you an interval workout.

On to the strength machines- you swipe you card and it tells you how much to lift and how many reps. It automatically increases your weight over time in line with your fitness goals.

Finally, on my phone or pc, it would give you reports so you could track your progress, a social media component complete with badges and unlockables, a food journal, and a way to sync with any personal fitness monitors. I love charts and graphs and data.

Yeah. This is the experience I’d like to have at the gym.

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I’m In! I’ll be running the Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon!

I knew this would sell out fast, and I was really sweating it out as I typed my information in this morning. This will be my first RunDisney race! Now the training begins- 233 days to go!

Avengers Half Marathon

I went ahead and signed both of my kids up for the kid’s races, and ordered a commemorative necklace, but I passed on the other goodies. I used to work for Disney so I have TONS of that crap and not enough energy to resell that stuff online.

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KT Tape

I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for my knee (yeah, thanks for that, boot camp). She taped my knee up with kinesiology therapeutic tape and I am loving it! Apparently, it pulls against the muscles in a way that activates them. I went over to Wal-Mart and picked up some.

There are much more expensive brands out there, but she raved about this and the price is excellent. And it comes in fun colors, too! Black may or may not be your idea of fun.


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Under Armour Sale on Zulily

Zulily has great deals on activewear almost daily, but this is the first time I’ve seen Under Armour on sale there. Check it out!


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How To Spot Quality Activewear: Flatlocked Seams

As a public service, I’m going to offer my expertise in identifying quality activewear in a series. Behold! Part 1: flat locked seams!

What are flat locked Seams? Flat lock is an interlocking stitch that reduces bulk and 3 dimensional edges to cut down on chafing and seams rubbing against the body. Most activewear manufacturers recognize it as important use it to some extent; Lululemon and Lucy use it extensively, but it even has become more incorporated into designs at Target and Walmart.

The seams also, well, lay flat so the garment has a more polished, pressed appearance. Where there is detail work or body mapping flat locked seams are a must to cut down on puckering where the two fabrics meet. Sometimes the flat locked stitch is used to add detail or interest even though there is no actual seam.


In the above picture,the blue color blocked top shows the flat locked stitch. The orange top, from JCPenny’s Xersion line, has a regular interlock stitch which is commonly used on stretch fabrics. Frequently, in lower priced activewear you will find regular interlock stitches used for the side seams even if other parts of the garment are flat locked. Now sure why. It must save money, somehow.

Regular interlock seams aren’t necessarily a deal breaker, depending on where they are. If you are buying the clothing for a specific activity and are anticipating lots of friction when the regular seams are that item of clothing is probably not the best.

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I Need To Stop Opening Zulily Emails…

I love Rykas, for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere on this blog. Recently, SW-Fit had a sale on these downbeats in the other color I had my eye on so I had to get them.


Last week, Zulily had Rykas on sale, super cheap. So I picked up some casual athletic shoes for 14.99$.

Today, Zulily has Athleta up to 50% off, which is excellent for the quality. I’d be more tempted, but I’ve spent a lot of money lately. Check it out!

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Alo Sport

I just placed an order from Alo. I’ve been on their mailing list for awhile- they have high-end, fashion forward activewear. These close outs we’re just too good to pass up. I’ll post a review when they arrive.

Here is their regular website. cute stuff!


This is one of the shirts I ordered. I got 4 shirts, a quarter-zip hoodie and a pair of lounge pants for 23$. Shipping was 10$, but at these prices I cannot complain.

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Need some cute workout wear on the cheap?

Cute tanks on the cheap! Wal-Mart has these in two different styles (a stripe and a heather) and four different colors. They are 100% polyester but for under 6 bucks each that isn’t bad. They are also moisture wicking. I saw one in an XS in my store on a clearance rack and was rather distraught that I had missed them! But, lo and behold, they were available online in 2 here to see other available colors and styles.


These are also available as tees, in slightly different color combos: Click here.


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