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My Favorite Things: Xersion Semi Fit Tanks

Had Rogers and Hammerstein a penchant for stretchy pants, they might have extolled the praises of JCPenny’s in house brand, Xersion. I know, I talk about this line a lot, mostly because the quality is good, they do their basics well, come in lots of great colors, they do prints well, and they are savvy enough to “be inspired” by good design on the market. They are also really inexpensive, which is right in my price range, but the quality is well beyond stores like Old Navy even though the price is comparable.

Consider the Xersion Semi Fit Tank. The fit is almost dead on to Lululemon’s CRB, and the fabric feels very, very similar (I think I may prefer it- it doesn’t have the ‘sticky’ quality that supplex has). It also comes in great colors and prints. Now, some of the prints feel matronly (or Jazzercisey- there, I said it) but some really nail it.

This tank is tagged at 20$, but I’ve never seen it sold for more that 11.99$. And for a woman whose go to gym outfit is leggings and a racer back tank they are everything I could ask for and the first thing I grab for.

(Did I mention their website is lousy? They may have the same style tank in three different spots, and the one in the small thumbnail isn’t even one they have available when you click through to the product description.)

Here’s a selection…


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