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Biggest Loser- New Season Starts!

Anyone else missing Jillian like crazy? Now that she’s parted ways with The Doctors maybe she’ll come back. We can always hope. Bob just isn’t the same without her.


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Biggest Loser Season 12 Begins!

Oh, Biggest Loser, how I love this show! I have been a faithful follower since season 6 and wow, there have been some amazing seasons (seven) and some lousy seasons (ten). Hopefully, this season will be amazing.

I was a little disappointed that nobody puked tonight. I think somewhere, Jillian Michaels is disappointed, too.

This year they split the contestants into 3 teams: 29 and under, 30-49, 50 and up. Right away the middle team shows how strong they are by winning the trainer race challenge and picking Bob. The Young Ones burned themselves out by being overconfident. The Older Group, grrr. They could have been just as competitive as the middle group, but they decided that they weren’t going to win anyway so they just walked the whole way.

Did you see that? They just gave themselves permission to lose because they are so old. What? Like the Biggest Loser has never had people older than 50 on it! Like no one with bad knees has ever been on the Biggest Loser! I’m not saying kill yourself the first day, but you can bet that if the teams had been mixed these older contestants would have found a way to hustle their hinders that mile to claim their trainers.

They are like an awesome cookie with Anna as the fluffy middle.Maybe I just have a heart as cold as ice, but when Anna Kournikova, the last remaining trainer, ran out to greet her team and ‘help’ them finish the race that was an example of what kind of trainer she going to be with them: “Oh, you poor old people.” And the other contestants seem to have this same enabling attitude as well.

This coddling showed up on the scale this week. Bob’s Black team lost nearly TWICE as much weight as Anna’s blue team (and the Red team stomped the Blue team, too). The women on Bob’s team lost as much as the men on Anna’s. Seriously.

Helen? Jerry? Deni? And these are just people who WON who would have been on the Senior team, to say nothing of people who were really competitive on the show and over 50. And you know what is going to happen? The Senior team is going to lose week after week until none of them are left except for the woman with the bad knee who lost her house in Hurricane Katrina because you can’t hate on that.

It is just like season Ten when the team of girls lost again and again and was really lackluster in their performance (Elizabeth the Placeholder, anyone?). And then there was one girl, Ada, who would have just been normal any other season and everyone raved about her like she was Tara or something (because everyone else sucked).

After all this yelling you probably think I hate this show. No, I’m just passionate. The End.

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