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Only Superman owns more spandex.

KT Tape

I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for my knee (yeah, thanks for that, boot camp). She taped my knee up with kinesiology therapeutic tape and I am loving it! Apparently, it pulls against the muscles in a way that activates them. I went over to Wal-Mart and picked up some.

There are much more expensive brands out there, but she raved about this and the price is excellent. And it comes in fun colors, too! Black may or may not be your idea of fun.


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Rockin’ Body on Sale at

Back when Shaun T. Was that “Hip Hop Abs Guy” and before Insanity was even a twinkle in his eye Shaun T. Created a program called Rockin’ Body.

Seriously, I don’t know an awful lot about this program yet but I will in 5-7 days when it gets here! I have had my eye on it for awhile so when I saw it on sale I had to bite. The original set is on sale for $19.99, and you can get the advanced upgrade (Rockin’ Results) for another $19.99 off Beachbody’s website.

The original set has 2 forty-five minute workouts, 3 half hour workouts, a 10 minute abs workout (have I mentioned how tired I am of Ab Jam yet on this blog???) and a 15 minute intro. The Rockin’ Results upgrade has 2 more forty-five minute workouts. Not bad for a grand total of 40 bucks!

I am hoping that it will just be a really fun way to get moving and enjoy myself- kinda Zumba-esque for those low motivation workout days.

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Oooooh! The Collage Video Guide is Here!

I love Collage Video! if you have never been on their site you need to check it out. They have TONS of fitness DVDs, and they are all reviewed by Certified Personal Trainers. Even better, they all have clips of a few random segments of the workouts.

The Guide itself is divided up by type: cardio, toning (I hate that word almost as much as I hate the word ‘buns’) or a combination of the two. They also have a section for Special Populations; pregnant women, older exercisers, kids, etc. There are write ups of each video, too, and not the description off the back, but reviews by their team.

When the Guide comes, I am like a kid on Christmas. I get out my sharpie and I circle the ones that sound interesting. Then I go on their website and look at the clips and narrow it down. Right now I am really excited about the Jazzercise Burlesque workout (what can I say? I’ve got Jazzercise on the brain right now) but mostly because it looks a lot like Zumba. Except for the goofy pink outfits. ANYWAY,

Collage also has minute by minute graphs of the workouts so you know exactly what you are getting. And they have competitive prices with Amazon- Both retailers have the Jazzercise Burlesque workout for the same price as of this writing, and both have free shipping with a minimum $25 purchase. All else being equal, I’d much rather support someone like Collage who has gone through all the work and effort to really make themselves experts the was Collage has.

If you want to request a hard copy of the catalog here is a link.

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