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The Sweetest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me While Working Out

My 10 month old (DSW) woke up around 11 pm for his evening meal while I was half way through Fire 30 (I’m a nursing mom). DH managed to stall him by taking him outside, rocking him in the other room, trying to buy me some, well, me time. Every now and then my little guy would protest (he was tired!) but I am really trying to take my health seriously, really make a little time to improve my health (but I still felt guilty).

So I get to the part of Stretch 10 where you sit, butterfly style, on the floor. My 10 month old crawls over and lays down with his little head on my leg, his thumb in his mouth. He just wanted to be near his Mama!

Well, that did it. After that I HAD to stop the workout, shower off and nurse him, then put him to bed and finish my workout. I was pretty cold by then, but oh! That baby was too sweet!

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If I Had A Daughter…





Thank you Chasing Fireflies!

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