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Week 3 Day 2

Well, I procrastinated so much last night it ended up turning into this week’s rest day so I’m going to be re-arranging things a little: tonight will be Fire 45 EZ! That will be my first time seeing that workout. Seeing? What am I talking about? I’ll hardly see any of it with all the sweat pouring down my face!

I went to Weight Watchers this morning (6 AM!) and weighed in… -2.4 since starting Turbo Fire 2 weeks ago! In the meeting, our leader challenged us to earn 5 more active points this week (burn an additional 500 calories, essentially), I just sat there thinking, “holy crap, woman! Do you have any idea how many calories I am burning already? I don’t think I’ve got another 500 in me! Maybe Suzy Jazzercise over there has another 500.”

Anyway, Weight Watchers is starting a 6 week challenge/ giveaway. If you are a member, you just need to sign up for the challenge and track your activity for the next 6 weeks. They have weekly prizes and then at the end they are giving away 10 X-Box 360 Kinect bundles with tons of fitness games (which would be great for those active rest days). I need one so bad- we still have our old crappy X Box that doesn’t even connect to the Internet.


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Fitness Goals 2012

I find the whole idea of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ distasteful. Nothing quite says “I’m going to set the same unachievable goals I set last year and work really hard for one week, haphazardly for the next two and then give up by week three” like a New Year’s Resolution. Not to be negative or anything.

So I like to set goals for the New Year, instead of just wishing for things like I used to.

My most successful New Year’s Goal was to use reusable shopping bags all year. I did great- mostly because it was a specific, measurable and achievable goal.

With that in mind, these are my Health and Fitness goals for 2012:

1. Reach my weight watchers goal weight.

2. Run 2 half marathons.

3. Teach group fitness!

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This Week’s Weigh In…,

I didn’t feel like attending my meeting this morning, but I went anyway. I was pretty sure I was up. I tracked everything, but I didn’t add up all the points for the last few days (a technique I use to discourage all-or-nothing thinking when I start to go “off plan”). Anyway, I was down 1.8!!!

My total loss since I started Weight Watchers is now exactly 8 lbs. Not bad for 5 weeks!

The meeting was about finding time to fit in weight loss (or just healthy living). I sure needed this- With my job, a three-year-old and a two month old I have a hard time fitting my goals in. Especially since the two month old is sensitive when I have dairy, so that limits a whole array of food I can eat on the quick.

This week I commit to:

* Prepare salad fixings on Sunday so I have a quick and healthy go to meal.
* Make up a big fruit salad on Sunday for snacks (having this on hand worked great last week).
* Have my gym clothes ready the night before so I can sneak in 3 AM runs this week.

Happy New Week!

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Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With Marching in Place to Warm Up

Weighed in this morning at my 8:00 Weight Watchers meeting. The line to weigh in was crazy because it was the last day for the buy one month get one free promotion. I got there at about 5 to 8, and made it into the meeting at 8:20. Yikes.

So my weigh in: absolutely flat to last week. Disappointed? No. There were 2 days where I was ravenous and went over my points plus allowance. As a nursing mom, I had no reservation about doing this: if my body is telling me it is that hungry then I need to give it what it needs so it can do what it needs to do.

The meeting was about having four perfect days next week: Tuesday-Friday. That means journalling, the Good Health Guidelines and exercising each day. I am going to challenge myself, beyond that, to track everything all week.

Here’s to a great week!

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